Saturday, May 31, 2008

New Swing

Jacob fashioned up this swing for his little brother and sisters. The kids love it! They are out here under the mulberry tree all the time now. It has been a favorite spot since we moved here as it is also their climbing tree.
My husband removed the barbed wire fence so that the kids wouldn't hurt themselves on it if they fell. He also trimmed up some of the branches for easier mowing. The kids were not too happy about the trimming. They miss the fence too as it helped them with their climbing! But I think they will get used to it and it's better to have that old fence out of there.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Yellow Orchid Pendant with Citrine Beaded Necklace

One of my favorite pieces, this is a real orchid that has been preserved. I think it's lovely with citrine and gold filled findings. It is adjustable with an extender chain. This necklace is available here:

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Aren't these so sweet looking? They remind me of my Grandma Dickey. She liked her buttercups, petunias and clematis vines. She loved all sorts of flowers, but that's what I remembered at her house when I was little.

Keera and my nephew Caleb picked these for me last weekend. My parents brought him and his little sister to come play while their parents moved into their new home. All of my nieces and nephews love to come play at our house. I really love that.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swarovski Crystal Starfish Earrings with Coin pearls

These interesting crystal starfish are so pretty. I love how they are not perfectly symmetrical because it gives them an organic look with character and the beauty of high quality swarovski crystal is shown off in them so well.

This second pair is in the silk color which is a soft pale peachy pink color. I've matched them up with some lustrous sunset colored coin pearls. They are wire wrapped with sterling silver and hang from sterling silver earwires. They are available here:
The green set is made with peridot swarovski crystal starfish, lustrous lime coin pearls and crysolite swarovski bicones, wire wrapped and finished with sterling silver earwires.
This pair is available here:

There are more colors of Swarovski Starfish earrings that can be viewed here, in blue (indicolite), golden shadow, crystal aurora borealis, and burgundy.

There is also a necklace with a large Swarovski Starfish Pendant in burgundy can be veiwed here.

Belle Adorn ~Adorning You Beautifully with Unique Artisan Jewelry

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honey Locust Trees

Our honey locust trees have been blooming in the woods behind our house. Can you see the white blooms? They fill the air with their heady sweet fragrance.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Plum Forest Purple Sugilite Beaded Necklace and Earrings

Gorgeous Sugilite in large smooth graduated rondelles beaded with pietersite, hill tribe silver and green ocean jasper. Finished with a beautiful sterling silver toggle. This necklace is available in my shop, here....
Wire wrapped earrings to match are available in my shop here....

Fresh Eggs

These eggs are just gathered and washed before I put them up.
The blue and green eggs are from our Aracana chickens. Aren't they pretty?!
The brown eggs are laid by our black australorps and yellow buff orphingtons.
We are getting more chicks this week from the Cackle Hatchery here in Missouri. The little peeps are so sweet, I'll be sharing them in a future post.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bright Turquoise Beaded Jewelry

This bright colorful necklace was made with faceted and smooth, green and blue turquoise beads, hill tribe silver, and has as it's focal a beaded pendant made of dyed howlite, faceted turquiose rondelle and a pacific opal swarovski crystal. It is also adjustable with a two inch sterling silver extender chain and lobster claw clasp. It's available here.....

Belle Adorn
~Adorning You Beautifully with Unique Artisan Jewelry
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Keera Got a Haircut!

You can see how long it is here while she's helping to pot up some flowers for the porch.

It's a layered bob with no bangs. We're very happy with the outcome. I got my hair cut too.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Anklets For Summer

This ankle bracelet is made with glass coral seed beads, padparadcha swarovski crystals, faceted coral and coral pearls. Finished in sterling silver, it's available here....

This ankle bracelet has white pearls, champagne pearls, golden swarovski crystals and golden glass seed beads. This piece is available here at
If you would like to see more colors and styles please check out my shop on etsy.

Plowing The Fields

We had some of our fields plowed about a week ago. It's been rained on twice now which is a good thing so that the dirt will settle and hopefully help the grass to rot underneath. It will have to be disked again after the ground dries out before we can do any planting.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunset Pink Mermaid Necklace

Shimmery, lustrous pearls with swarovski crystals add just the right amount of sparkle in the colorado topaz 2x ab color all of which accents this lovely pink oyster shell pendant on a hand knotted silk cord, finished in gold filled findings.

Necklace is adjustable from 17-19" in length.

This piece is available for purchase here.....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Wishing Flower

Such a sweet clip of Noah with a dandelion, I had to share.

"I wish, I wish, I get my tractor."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Storm Clouds Before the Tornadoes and Children

I snapped a picture of the strange pouffy storm clouds we had last week. I've heard before what they are called, but can't remember anymore. I do know that when this type of cloud shows up we are in for strange weather and these occured the night before we had all that terrible wind and quite a few tornadoes around the Kansas City area.
So many natural disasters have occured in the last few weeks around the world. It's very sad to see.
Here are the children. I took this picture of them before the meeting at the same time we took the cloud pictures. Aren't they a good looking bunch?! Well, I am their mother. :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Activities on the Farm

We have had a lot of work on our small farm this spring. We are removing old fences in our west pasture in order to plow the meadows and grow some crops.
It's also been a challenge getting our garden planted as it has been so wet.
Some trees from the fence lines are now moved to our yard as well.

We have a new rooster that my sister brought to us. He's a beautiful Barred Rock Plymouth. She found it on Craig's list.
He was not getting along with another rooster at his previous farm. We had only hens before he came so he gets along just fine here.
For the first two nights though he went missing and we thought for sure he had not survived. But low and behold, he was with the ponies in the barnyard! I came to find out at his last home he was in a pen next to horses.
So he's our chicken least that's what he thinks. He's staying with the hens now and doing very well.

I taped my youngest son gathering eggs last week and quite a little ordeal with a hen that didn't want to move from her nest. She was pecking and squaking up a little tantrum like I've never seen our hens do before! Her name is Goldie and she is a Buff Orphington.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Lovely Paua Shell Pendant with Pearls on Silk Necklace

Here is a piece of jewelry inspired by spring. Our weather has been so beautiful this past week. We had a very cold winter this past year here in Missouri and are so happy to see some warmer days finally.
And what says spring better than the purple crocuses, lilacs, hyacinths and green grass? I love the color combination of purple and green.
This is a lovely paua abalone shell pendant in the go go shape and has amazing swirling colors of green, purple, blue pink and black. The rice pearls, potato pearls and coin pearls have all been hand knotted into place along with tanzanite and olivine swarovski crystals on a purple lilac 100% silk cord necklace. The crystals add such a nice subtle sparkle through out the piece. The necklace is finished with sterling silver and is adjustable from 17-19 inches in length. Paste and copy this link into your browser if you would like to see it in my shop.
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