Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Spring Activities on the Farm

We have had a lot of work on our small farm this spring. We are removing old fences in our west pasture in order to plow the meadows and grow some crops.
It's also been a challenge getting our garden planted as it has been so wet.
Some trees from the fence lines are now moved to our yard as well.

We have a new rooster that my sister brought to us. He's a beautiful Barred Rock Plymouth. She found it on Craig's list.
He was not getting along with another rooster at his previous farm. We had only hens before he came so he gets along just fine here.
For the first two nights though he went missing and we thought for sure he had not survived. But low and behold, he was with the ponies in the barnyard! I came to find out at his last home he was in a pen next to horses.
So he's our chicken horse...at least that's what he thinks. He's staying with the hens now and doing very well.

I taped my youngest son gathering eggs last week and quite a little ordeal with a hen that didn't want to move from her nest. She was pecking and squaking up a little tantrum like I've never seen our hens do before! Her name is Goldie and she is a Buff Orphington.


Jonara Blu Maui said...

That was cute! I love little Noah's 'baby bear' accent hehe! Your new rooster is so pretty too!

Belle Adorn said...

Thanks Jamee. He has a baby bear accent? ahhhhh! Does he sound different on the video than he does on the phone?

We've decided to name the rooster Elvis. That name just fits him with his fancy comb on top of his head and his long fancy tail feathers. :)

Anonymous said...

Elvis!...cracks me up! I'm so glad he's fitting right in :) Could Noah be any cuter? He's totally made to be a little farm boy :) And that chicken was hilarious! I bet you have alot of daily adventures out there :) Keep posting~Jamie

Belle Adorn said...

Thanks Jamie, I might put that one up on utube. It's just funny. Yes we do have our adventures! I will try to record as much as I can. It's been fun to share these things. If I can figure out feedblitz then people can subscribe and the updates will come automatically. Can't wait to have you guys back for another adventure!

Mama C said...

That was so cute, thanks for pointing me to it. I haven't showed my kiddos yet, they're still sleeping. But they will surely get a kick out of it.

I'm enjoying your blog, it is really great! I'm going to put you on my list of blog friends.:)

Tina Taber said...

Thank you! I'm adding you to my list of blogs too.

I subscribed to your blog with rss feed so I don't miss any of your new updates.

Your little post with the spider web was so nice. I forgot to comment though, I will do that!

Mama C said...

Hi Tina,
Just watched this video again with my 3 year old. She said in a very serious voice, "I think this video is better than our lion video". Ha ha! Then she added, "I really liked that boy gathering the eggs." She wants to watch it again now!