Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Swarovski Crystal Starfish Earrings with Coin pearls

These interesting crystal starfish are so pretty. I love how they are not perfectly symmetrical because it gives them an organic look with character and the beauty of high quality swarovski crystal is shown off in them so well.

This second pair is in the silk color which is a soft pale peachy pink color. I've matched them up with some lustrous sunset colored coin pearls. They are wire wrapped with sterling silver and hang from sterling silver earwires. They are available here:
The green set is made with peridot swarovski crystal starfish, lustrous lime coin pearls and crysolite swarovski bicones, wire wrapped and finished with sterling silver earwires.
This pair is available here:

There are more colors of Swarovski Starfish earrings that can be viewed here, in blue (indicolite), golden shadow, crystal aurora borealis, and burgundy.

There is also a necklace with a large Swarovski Starfish Pendant in burgundy can be veiwed here.

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Jonara Blu Maui said...

Oh yummy...the green ones are so juicy!

jalex01 said...

I think I have heard of you, are you a friend of Kelly? If so, I am her sister in law Jenny. Somehow I came across your blog and your etsy page. Your jewelry is very pretty.

Belle Adorn said...

Hi Jenny!

Yes I'm Kelly's pal in Richmond. Nice to 'meet' you here. I would love to come see you and your jewelry at a craft show. Have been meaning to do that for ages. Hopefully this year! This post gets lots of hits. People really love these starfish and they are a top seller for me. Thanks for your compliment too. Tina

Orlando Wilson said...

Most jewelries are awesome and fabulous but the one that I like the most are the bracelets and earrings.
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