Sunday, September 21, 2008

Latest Critter Catches ~ Bunny, Bull frog, Praying Mantis

My husband, Jim, caught all these critters over the last couple of weeks. He's so great about showing new things to the kids. Of course, Noah (being 3 years old), is enthralled with new things and especially new animals.
Keera is holding the wild bunny she named Fluffy. Fluffy scattered with her siblings as their nest was being mowed over. None were caught by the blades thankfully. She was big enough that we hope she was able to make or find a new nest.

This beautiful bright green praying mantis was surprisingly slow when we let him out of the mason jar. They are wonderful for eating undesirable pests in the garden, so all are welcome here. :)

Noah was very sad when his large bull frog hopped away with huge leaps. Isn't it gorgeous with it's beautiful spots underneath it's body and it's webbed hands and feet?! We suspect it was a female as we now have many little frogs all over the garden. Too bad the gardening season is pretty much over. Regardless, we always have frogs in our small ponds, evident by their loud croaking in the evenings. It's a welcome sound heralding the spring after a quiet long winter.


xxxxx said... grow them big in Missouri! I know my frogs, but that's some whopper. Nice to pay a visit and see the friendly faces.

Jamie Gibson said...

These are great pics! But I have to say that photo of Noah with the frog is priceless! You have got to send that in to a kid photo contest! It looks like a shot right out of a "Shout" or "Tide" add! How fun to be surrounded by all those critters!

MamaCta! said...

Those are awesome photos! That shot of the praying mantis in the mason jar looks like he's just landed from outer space.

But the best one of all, of course, is proud Noah with his prize catch! Wish we had big frogs like that out here.

ChezChani said...

The bunny is adorable, the other ones would freak me out a little...too long in the city.
Wonderful pics.

Jonara Blu Maui said...

cool! I love all the critters! So the bunny is wild and it let keera hold it? wow! guess thats cuz it's a baby. did you guys keep it?

We have praying mantis just like that. I had never seen them so big until I moved to maui. Sometimes we would find some on our red ginger...and i swear they get a pinkish hue about them. esp on thier face area.

That pic of noah and the frog is classic! Truly a boy picture..I would love to see that in black and white and framed for your house. You are right too..the markings on it are gorgeous. I can just imagine what evening in the spring/summer must sound like at your place!

Anonymous said...

Whao.. a chance to be close up with different animals and insects. It is sure a great learning experience for the kids.

Belle Adorn said...

Thanks for all your comments and compliments on this post guys. Sometimes it's sad for me to me to make a new post, because I favor what is there at the top, lol! And I do especially love these bull frog pictures.

No, Jamee, we did not keep the bunny. She sure was cute though. We may buy a bunny from a local breeder that has some really cute ones.

Today I wrote a post about our heirloom tomatoes and our squeezo strainer. My squeezo is an antique and I think not many people have seen them in recent decades. Though they are still for sale and can also be purchased on ebay.

kenju said...

Thanks for the visit! I love all your critters. Lately, all we have around here are deer and spiders.

merel huijben said...

wow thats a real neat picture! and noahs gotten so big! just as handsome as your other boys:) watch out sisters here comes noah!!!:p