Thursday, September 11, 2008

Stormy Larvakite Dragonfly Necklace with Aquamarine & Onyx

I was looking over my bead stash three days ago, searching for a good combination for some gorgeous citrine nuggets I have. Nothing seemed right or good enough for them though, and so I may make them up into something all on their own.

Then I came across these beautiful Larvakite smooth rounds. They are dark gray, black and white with some chatoyancy of blue and white flashes. My first thought was keep it simple, make it a knock out classic like a Jackie O. strand of big fat pearls. So I tried putting them with only onyx, then added some black horn rondelles. The plain black did not do them justice though.
Finally I put them with some aquamarine and that was the perfect union. I still kept the design simple, but simple doesn't mean that it comes out fast or easily! It usually takes a lot of trial and error even to get a simple piece right. The aquamarine chips give it an edgey chic look. I kept the small onyx rounds for a nice contrast, added in bali silver daisies and finished it with a sterling silver bali dragonfly toggle. The overall effect is very appealing. It is 17 inches in length.

With all the grays and blues coming out in fashion this season, it should work very easily into a basic wardrobe that needs some good jewelry. This item can be viewed in my etsy shop here: Stormy Larvakite Dragonfly Necklace


Anonymous said...

this turned out STUNNING - what a beautiful piece! how could the recipient of such a lovely gift NOT simply adore it? :)


ChezChani said...

You certainly did end up with your knockout piece.

They remind me of blueberries but maybe that's because I haven't eaten anything yet today.

Belle Adorn said...

Tanya I'm always looking up your acronyms, lol...thank goodness for google!

I think I confused you with my twitter messages. The customer I heard from yesterday had bought for her mother, a pearl on silk necklace weeks ago. This piece is not yet sold.

Thank you (chezchani too) for your kind compliments.

You girls make me laugh everyday. :)

*mwah* Tina

MamaCta! said...

Again, an outstanding piece, I'd say "a masterpiece!" I love mixing different textures, like how you mixed the round with the aquamarine chips.

Now if only I had the time and inspiration to create something that lovely, but alas, my masterpiece has to wait for another day. In the meantime, I'll just enjoy other people's work!

Belle Adorn said...

Thank you Clara. It's completely different then what I had in mind but many designs turn out that way, for me at least.

Hope you get some time to bead this weekend. I'm canning again, so it doesn't look like I will. I've got some new ideas churning though.

Have a lovely Sunday :