Friday, June 6, 2008

Elvis lives!!!

That is, our rooster Elvis! He has such an Elvis hair doo, Elvis strut and Elvis coolness, lol! Isn't he a pretty boy?
He's a barred rock plymouth chicken, my sister Jamie brought to me from Independence. She found him on craig's list. One of the aracauna hens is standing behind him here....It may be Robin or Nosey. Hard to tell from the back side, ha ha ha.
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Jonara Blu Maui said...

That is one cool rooster picture lol! Love out it's like your are peering out from the a paparatzi snaping a picture of the rock star rooster Elvis!

Belle Adorn said...

The things you think of cracks me up, paparatzi! lol......and I was being sneaky, cuz when I walk toward that rooster he walks away from me.

He's not as friendly as the chickens are who come right up to us when they think we have food. Although this silly rooster will look at me through the glass doors on the porch. Ever feel like you're being watched? Sometimes I jump when I see him there, lol!!!