Monday, June 9, 2008

Purple Pearl and Carved Bone Bracelet with Hill Tribe Silver Accents

I call this piece Neoclassic Heather because it has a sort of antique feel with the pearls and carved bone,but there is also a modern edgey element with the hill tribe silver toggle and discs and swarovski bicone crystals. Carved bone has come back into fashion recently and is used by many beading artists.
At first the thought of carved bone might seem unpleasant, but the idea does grow on you if you give it a chance, ha ha ha. If you think about it; it was no doubt one of the more available materials that could be used for jewelry from the beginning of mankind. I'm sure rocks and shells and pearls (which also come from animals) have always been admired for their prettiness, but look at how this bone can be carved into a beautiful pattern. Interesting!
This piece is available here: and will fit a smaller wrist; about a size 7 or smaller.
Belle Adorn
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Jonara Blu Maui said...

I love this bracelet...your mixture of components and I love brown and purple together :)

Its so true too..I used to think..bone...yuck..but they have the coolest bone beads now. And what a way to recycle :)

Belle Adorn said...

Thank you. I love purple and brown too.

I love the beautiful carvings that they do with the bone. I have some round bone beads that are hollow with cut out carvings. They are so cool.