Sunday, June 8, 2008

Purple Finch Nest with Blue Speckled Eggs

Me and my eggs, I know! But isn't this cute? A little finch wanted to make her nest in my hanging flower pot. I love this picture so much, it's the background on my computer.

*update ~ I am amazed at how many people all over the united states find my blog with this little post. Please leave a comment and let me know how helpful this picture is to you......I would love to hear others' stories too.


Jonara Blu Maui said...

I remember when you said you found this..did you ever see the babies? I love this picture too!

Belle Adorn said...

No we never did get to see the babies! But it's a hanging pot and I didn't want to disturb it anymore once I knew the eggs were there. I had to water very carefully!

Enchanted said...

I know this is an old post but I'm going to leave a comment anyway.

I googled trying to find out what kind of eggs I found broken on my car and this post came up. I'm glad you posted it because your picture is just like the ones on my car. Except that mine are busted. I couldn't find any other pictures to explain what kind of a bird they were from.

I haven't seen Purple Finches before but I have seen some new birds here lately.